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This is MTL365, a writer’s collective dedicated to creating the ultimate Montreal guide for everything you need to know about the city. We’re an offshoot of Canada 365, and we’re dedicated to bringing you the best Montreal news, everything from our -30 winters to our two months of summer. We love food, events, and especially food-based events. As Montreal-based writers, we love this city and want to share its best experiences with you.

There’s always something going on, from celebrity sightings to festivals happening all year round. We endeavour to provide the most up-to-date news that are relevant to Montrealers and visitors alike. Make sure to check us daily for important announcements so you don’t miss out on special events or news!

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Our platform is dedicated to all things Montreal. This multicultural city has great shopping, coffee shops and a busy nightlife. Visitors to Canada’s second most populous metropolitan will find no shortage of beautiful scenes to photograph with many instagrammable spots that will surely entice your followers to come visit. Thanks to Montreal’s diversity, you can find every type of food imaginable. From Griot or butter chicken to our iconic poutines, there is something to please everyone. More importantly, accessible public transportation means that you can explore all that Montreal has to offer!

There’s so much to do in this city, and we want to share our secrets with you! Montreal is the ultimate destination for food and summer social events. Keep in touch by bookmarking our page, and be sure to share our announcements with your fellow Montrealers! If you want to get involved, contact us for a collab! If you’re seeking a place where you can feature your articles, MTL365 is for you. Shoot us an email for submission opportunities!

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