Businesses Are Stepping In to Address the Global Shortage of PPEs

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April 8, 2020
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May 15, 2020

Businesses Are Stepping In to Address the Global Shortage of PPEs

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe is staggering and is being felt across all facets of life, from school and work closures to regulations on social gatherings. It seems that no person or business will be coming away from this unscathed.

The pandemic also exposed the unpreparedness of the healthcare system in handling a crisis of this scale, as even with strict social distancing measures and travel bans, hospitals are overwhelmed, workers are lacking essential personal protective equipment (PPE), and cases continue to rise.

Although a rapid influx of hospitalizations was predicted in pandemic models early on, the shortage of PPEs available to frontline healthcare workers is a worrisome reality that has come to light. Nurses, doctors, caregivers and pharmacists are in constant and direct contact with patients and are decrying the shortage of necessary PPEs as they risk their own health and safety to continue to provide needed care.

In light of this, new companies are taking action to help cover the shortage of PPEs, joining with existing companies who have been switching gears to leverage their own existing infrastructure to produce necessary supplies.

BreatheSafely is one of the companies stepping in to supply necessary baseline protective equipment to frontline workers and essential businesses and to do its part in addressing the gap in the market. At this time, they have ready to ship stocks of :

  • BreatheSafely KN95 Protective Face Masks
  • SmartGuard Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves by Medline.
  • Clear Adjustable Face Protection 12” x 9.5” Disposable 3-Layer Protective Face Masks, Anti Dust Breathable Earloop Mouth Face Masks, Comfortable Sanitary Masks
  • Full Length Clear Protective Eyewear and Face Shields
  • Antibacterial Hand Gel

In times like these, essential supplies need to be directed to essential personnel. Right now, it’s frontline hospital staff and employees of essential businesses who are the most exposed and at the same time, the least protected. As they continue to do the necessary work in order to keep the country running in this time of crisis, the public and private sector must continue working together to ensure that there is no shortage of necessary protection in these areas.