Homeopathic Relief During the Cold and Flu Season

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Homeopathic Relief During the Cold and Flu Season

It’s that time of year again- cold and flu season.  Whether you get sick because of a stranger you sit next to on your commute to work, your kids bring something home from daycare/school, or because of a co-worker, having a flu or cold is not enjoyable. 

Homeopathy has been used to treat the flu for over a century, with its success first making headlines during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918.”Homeopathycenter.org

Everyone knows about the common remedies such as cough syrups and lozenges.  Many of them are full of medicinal ingredients that are hard to pronounce, and it makes it hard to know exactly what they are.  Going with the homeopathic route may not make the ingredients easier to pronounce.  However, you can feel better knowing that it is the more natural method of relieving you and/or your kid’s symptoms.  This is where Homeolab’s products come in.

Homeolab’s Products

Since 1990, Homeolab has been providing FDA Registered Pharmaceutical Grade Homeopathic remedies.  Its Founder, Michele Boisvert is a pharmaceutical graduate and is also the first woman to open a drugstore in Quebec.  Homeolab offers homeopathic products that are safe for the entire family. 

Our range of products include over 200 over the counter formulations (single remedies and combination remedies) developed from more than 1,500 different root substances.” Real Relief

Their Kid’s Relief syrups and oral liquids are great for kids of all ages (always consult directions and your family physician before administering medication to young children/babies).  Their products for children offer multiple benefits such as being dye-free and sugar-free, great tasting, easy to administer and most importantly, being risk-free of having side-effects or the possibility of an overdose.

You can view all of their products, directions, and ingredients here.

For the adults in the family, there are products for you too!

There is a wide range of products to help you relieve your cold/flu symptoms to help you get through the day and night.  These include syrups, chewable tablets and homeopathic pellets.  You can also choose between daytime and nighttime medications depending on your needs.

To explore the best options for you, take a look at their list of cold and flu medicines here. Overall, don’t disregard the more natural options available to you when it comes to your options of cold and flu relief.  Be sure to look into homeopathic products and see what works best for you!