Top 10 Ways to Prep for The New Year

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Top 10 Ways to Prep for The New Year


In preparation for 2020, it’s important not to enter the New Year without acknowledging the last 12 months that made up the previous one. Remember to look back on 2019 and truly reflect on the biggest altering moments, both good and bad. Be honest with yourself and focus on what you should continue into the new year and what changes should be made.


It’s common for people to look forward to a new year; a fresh start, a new opportunity to chase new goals or old ones. However, it’s important to appreciate your efforts from the last 12 months so you can truly appreciate future efforts in the New Year. Create a list of all your accomplishments from 2019. No matter how big or how small. Remember that it’s not a competition! Don’t feel that because you didn’t achieve your biggest goal yet or haven’t conformed to society’s expectations of what you should have accomplished make you feel like what you’ve done isn’t good enough. Even something as simple as waking up every day and going to work/school is an accomplishment in and of itself.


Next, the last year wasn’t without its lessons I’m sure. Regardless of how the year went for you; whether you had successes or had some setbacks, you undoubtedly learned some important teachings throughout those 365 days. Create a list of the most memorable lessons you’ve learned from 2019 so that you can bring those with you into 2020.


Remember, no one is perfect. We’re all human and with that comes failures, mistakes, flaws, egotism, greed, and dissatisfaction. The New Year is a time to acknowledge our faults and take accountability for the parts we played in our own shortcomings. Try to be honest with yourself and take appropriate action.

Ask yourself:

Where do I need to improve?

Who have I hurt and how can I help heal that?

Who and what is truly important to you and worthy of your time and attention in 2020?


Now that you’ve reflected on the past it’s time to focus on the future! What are your aspirations for 2020? What are your inspirations? What adventures do you want to go on? This is the time to think about the commitments you want to make for the New Year. Go into 2020 with hope, wonder, and ambition to make this year the best one yet! 


Keep in mind, “if it is not adding to you, it is subtracting from you”. Don’t wait until the new year to address your bad habits. Try laying them to rest now and leave them behind in 2019. Don’t bring them with you into the New Year. Be honest about what changes you need to make to the behaviors and routines that are holding you back. If it is negatively impacting your life, soul, and wallet then let them go.


Let’s be honest, people often don’t believe in resolutions because they don’t usually work out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It may seem like resolutions don’t work but there is nothing wrong with setting intentions to make the New Year better than the last. To try to do and be better than you were before and take advantage of a fresh start. Resolutions are opportunities to set intentions and focus on your goals. Even if you stray away from them in the New Year, your resolutions can act as a guiding compass setting you back on track to where you want to be.


One way to help stick to your goals is to create a vision board. Vision boards can be fun and useful! Gather images and create a collage of everything you want to do in 2020. You can print out images and stick them on a Bristol board, your wall, anywhere you can see it and be reminded of it daily. By creating a vision board, you are sending intentions out into the universe to attract the things you want. And by being reminded of it every day you are reinforcing those desires to help them come true.


Now that you have your vision for 2020, make a plan. How can you achieve the things on your list? What steps need to be taken to make these things happen? Put a plan into action. A plan isn’t a guarantee but it’s helpful to note what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals. Maybe your plan will need to be adjusted along the way and that’s completely okay. Just go with it, keep your goals insight and adjust as needed.


Now that you’ve focused your attention on the past and future, it’s time to live in the moment! Celebrate the New Year by ringing in 2020 by doing something fun. Whatever that means to you! You can celebrate any way you’d like just be sure to have fun with it! Even if your night includes being home with a friend, partner or family playing games, indulge and make a night of it. Try not to treat it like any other night.

If parties are your thing then try hosting a 20s themed party. In the spirit of The Great Gatsby gather your friends, dress up and party like it’s the 1920s! The Roaring Twenties as it was called was the dawn of a new age and since we’re entering 2020 it can be exciting to throw a party mirroring the spirit and joys from 100 years ago.

For tips on how to throw a 20’s themed NYE party, click here.

By Makyla Coulombe