Need some Awesome Canadian Music? Check Out Liquid LTD and His New Release

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Need some Awesome Canadian Music? Check Out Liquid LTD and His New Release

Sometimes you are just in the mood for some raw and real music. We have the artist for that!

Steve “Liquid” Hawley is first known as an original member of the music collective Bran Van 3000. His hard work collaborating as a writer and performing artist at Bran Van 3000 paid off – with a Juno Award under his belt for best alternative album, the list of awards doesn’t end there for Hawley. He’s also been awarded a Felix prize, a Canadian Radio Music Award, and many more. His music has also been on the Top of the Pops with Bran van 3000, hit the Billboard charts with Gangstagrass’ American Music, and hit the charts with many more of his songs. It’s hard to put a finger on Hawley’s style. Sometimes it feels like reggae, other times pop, and sometimes it delves straight into rap. But from Hawley, you can always count on hearing relatable lyrics that aren’t afraid of saying the truth.

When he’s not hard at work writing music, you can find him working as an actor and manual laborer. Hawley is proud of coming from humble beginnings, and it shows in his music and performances. When he’s on stage, you can tell he’s like any other hardworking blue-collar guy. His down-to-earth disposition could be why he’s had collaboration after collaboration with a platitude of artists: Emmy Nominated Gangstagrass, Misteur Valaire, Neema, and Jean Leloup are just some of the talented creatives he’s worked with.

With his music, his dream is to make “soulful music for working people to blast at their 21st century campfires”. That odd description fittingly matches his music style perfectly. Give his song “Still Blue” a listen. The sampling, harmonica, and female vocals complete this eclectic mix of music styles. Tell me you can’t imagine playing it with your friends around a summer campfire! His song “Back in Fashion” is another foray into mish-mashing genres. Somehow, Hawley manages to mix dubstep, house, and hip hop into an exhilarating jam that will instantly hype you up. His songs have no air of pretension to them – as you listen to his songs, you can almost imagine him hard at work writing lyrics, testing out beats, and sampling music.

Check out his song, “One More Time”, which has a sweet beat, raw lyricism, and a callback to “Zombie” by The Cranberries. His latest EP, “Hard Labour”, was inspired by the time he was doing demolition work – it’s a song for the working population made by the working population. The soothing vocals and smooth rap flows blends terrifically with the bluegrass twang in the background. It’s currently available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Hawley loves interacting with listeners and talking about his work. Feel free to message him on his Facebook or Twitter anytime!

By Kristal Lok