Twenty West 2nd Annual Homeless Drive

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November 11, 2019
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November 20, 2019

Twenty West 2nd Annual Homeless Drive

Everyone has their issues with the wintertime, whether it’s the icy commutes to work or general dreariness caused by a lack of vitamin D. Despite how much we dislike the snow and blistering wind, it is important to take this time of year to reflect on the fact that we are lucky enough to have homes, beds, and hot chocolates to return to at the end of the day. The homeless people in Montreal are subject to our city’s harsh winter conditions without these luxuries, facing dangerous temperatures often without the proper clothing to keep them warm. In fact, the 2015 census shows that there are over 3000 homeless people in Montreal, and in the winter life is harder than ever for these people. That’s why Twenty West took the opportunity to give back last February with their First Annual Blanket Drive.

Twenty West, in collaboration with the Welcome Hall Mission, collected donations of Blankets, socks, underwear, and any other winter clothes to give to the Homeless People at the Old Royal Victoria Hospital located on des Pins. This hospital opened up last year to house over 80 homeless men, women, and their pets who were surpluses from their previous shelters. This clothing drive gives the opportunity for people residing in the West Island to donate without having to go downtown to drop items off. Last year, this drive collected 4 pairs of boots, 8 dog accessories, 9 bras, 16 gloves, 17 coats, 21 pants, 36 sweaters, 39 scarves, 46 hats, 51 shirts, 165 underwear (95% new), 240 blankets (70% new), 823 pairs of socks (90% new), plus many other items including toiletries. 

Since last year was such a great success, Twenty West is back for their Second Annual Homeless Drive, but this year they want to give back even more to the homeless people of Montreal. Bring your donations to 451 Beaconsfield BLVD, Suite 205, 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, from December 2nd to December 13th to make a difference in our community and help keep someone warm and safe this winter. After your generous donation, come meet the Twenty West team for hot chocolate, coffee, and goodies on Saturday December 7th from 9AM – 12PM.

By Ella Corkum