The Importance of the Millennial Vote

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October 11, 2019
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October 18, 2019

The Importance of the Millennial Vote

There is nothing people love more than complaining about millennials. According to much of the world, we are entitled, lazy, and obsessed with technology – a reputation that has left everyone gen x and older expecting very little of us. As the Canadian federal election nears, young adults have the chance to prove these skeptics wrong and show how deeply we care about our country, and the lengths we will go to having a say for its various policies and regulations. All it takes is a ballot.

Millennials will make up the biggest bloc of voters in the upcoming election, so there is real potential for the voices of young people to be heard. We have the most time left on this earth, so we have the most at stake in the course of Canada’s political future. That is why it is so important that on Monday October 21st we drop our avocado toast and swarm the polling stations just like we did Area 51. When the population of an entire country is voting, it can sometimes feel like your own ballot is insignificant – lost in the sea of political opinions that flow across the provinces. But our individual votes are not being cast alone; they are joining the votes of every other millennials who is looking out for the collective future of young people across the nation.

Our age bracket is looked down upon for our attachment to our phones, but that is exactly where we learn about news and statistics surrounding the election. Contrary to popular belief, we use phones for more than scrolling cute puppy Instagram posts. Searching the internet is an excellent way to find reputable journalists following political developments and to research the stances of different candidates on a variety of issues. If the stereotypes are correct, Millennials should be the most educated and knowledgeable voters out there when it comes time to hit the polls.Voting is a privilege, and it is disrespectful to our country and to the civilians of all the undemocratic nations to throw this opportunity to the wind. Other people who are not Canadian citizens are not even given the option. There are so many people in the world whose voices are not heard by their government, so treat your right to vote as the precious gift that it is. Even if you are not sure which party to pick, it is not too late to educate yourself and form a knowledgeable opinion by researching and talking to friends, family, and anyone else who will engage in these important conversations. Now is the time to show all the baby boomers that we have opinions, and we will not rest until they are heard. Don’t prove them right. Please show your love for your country and your determination to make it the best place it can be by registering to vote here.

By Ella Corkum