Canada’s favourite e-juice maker has a lot planned this season – make sure you’re plugged in!

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Canada’s favourite e-juice maker has a lot planned this season – make sure you’re plugged in!

Summer is finally here, which means it’s the perfect weather for heading out with your vape in hand. When shopping for e-juice, you’ve most definitely heard of Maddog Juice. They’re found at pretty much any vape shop you’ve been to in the Great White North. Their rise to fame came from developing Canadian Made Premium e-juice at affordable prices.

We’ve had the chance to sit down with David Di Lallo, CEO and co-founder of Maddog Juice, to talk about what’s been going on this summer and his plans for Maddog this season. You’ll be excited to hear that they have a few things up their sleeve!

MTL365: Let’s start with a quick introduction of MADDOG JUICE. What is the mission and vision of the company?

David: We strive ourselves on quality and thrive to be industry leaders. Our goal is to be first to market new and innovative products in the vape industry. Some examples include real extraction of cigars, fractioning of cigars and putting them into vape juice. Back in 2014, we released a product called Big Boy, that were in a 140 ml format, giving our customers bigger bottles at a great price!

MTL365: We’ve heard that you’ve attended Canada’s Vape Expo in Edmonton, which is currently Canada’s largest vape exposition. Speaking about adaptability and the future of the vape industry, is there anything that you think Mad Dog will need to address?

David: MadDog needs to continuously address conformity: the regulations and the bills put into place for vaping. We need to work with the government on proper manufacturing facilities, getting our product to the retail stores, informing consumers on proper and safe products, as well as have the retail stores support them. For instance, some of the vape shops are not very knowledgeable about bills put into place, so for us as manufacturers, we need to inform the vape shop owners on best practices to ensure safety.


MTL365: Now that there’s so many vaping stores available to the public, what has the Edmonton Exposition taught you about the industry and how to react to competition?

David: Maddog has been established for a while and is in vape stores across Canada. It’s great to see shop owners from previous expos, those who had one or two stores to now having 15 to 20 stores. They support us and we support them. As for the competition, I’ve met some of the owners back in 2014 and they’ve become my friends. There’s room to grow for all of us. Competition is good, it keeps us on our toes, and drives us to create innovative things.

MTL365: We know that Maddog has quite a few super fans, we’d love to know if you had any memorable fan interactions while at the conference.

David: We’ve had so many, from 2014 to now. Fans posting, complementing our juice, becoming loyal customers, even vape shops coming up to us because they’re lifers. Not just because our juice is amazing, but because of the customer support we give them. Customers will come up to us with bottles they’ve kept as keepsakes. We love seeing these people time and time again and recognizing them. There’s not one per se, but so many. People come up to me with swag, baseball caps, and t-shirts that they’ve made that I keep to this day.


MTL365: Of course, we must ask: what’s your personal favourite e-juice from Maddog?

David: My personal favourite would be Snake Eyes, in our Drippers Paradise line, but our flavourologist who has been making flavours for eight years is always coming out with new and amazing flavours. As Maddog evolves, our flavourologist evolves, and comes out with almost on a weekly basis a new flavour that can become my new favourite.


MTL365: What are you looking forward for Maddog? Do you have anything special planned for future releases?

David: The growth of Maddog in the international market is something we’re working on. We’ve established relationships around the world in 30 countries. We’re working to evolve and grow in the international market, while not forgetting the Canadian market, which is our fanbase. Stay tuned for new products and our new website! For the summer, we’ve done a lot of expos around the world and support any expo in Canada. Hopefully legislation will lax a little bit and we’ll be able to do expos in all the provinces across Canada.


If you have any more questions for Maddog, check them out on Instagram or Facebook! They love interacting with their fans and answering any questions you may have about their e-juice. They also hold regular giveaways so keep an eye out for those!

By Jason Leblanc