Marijuana’s Booming Sister Industry

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May 30, 2019
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June 5, 2019

Marijuana’s Booming Sister Industry

Gone are the days when a grinder and paper were enough to satisfy most Canadian consumers. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018 comes inevitably, the prominence of its sister market: marijuana accessories. Pipes, infusers, extractors, vapes, vaporizers, you name it, the industry is producing it and demand is only growing. In fact, the industry expects up to 20% of weed revenue at dispensaries to be attributed to the sale of weed accessories and gadgetry. So, what’s the market doing to respond?

Well, for one, it can’t be overstated that we’re seeing a surge in shops all around town, and growth in the e-commerce market as well, with big names like Shopify cashing in to meet the demands to streamline the experience for retailers and consumers.

We’re also seeing innovation like never before in the cannabis industry. Not that there’s been a lack of creative ways to get the most of marijuana (proven by the craziness that is the niche bong world), but some of the newest accessories hitting the market are downright cutting edge, and local players like Opulent Toke, are stepping in to meet the increasing demand for quality and variety.

Marijuana is not and never has been just for smoking, and as gadgets get more and more refined in both form and function, we’ll no doubt see consumers interest in exploring all its uses grow in turn and make big waves in the mainstream market.

By Jason Leblanc