In Beloved Memory of Taco

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May 16, 2019
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May 30, 2019

In Beloved Memory of Taco

Growing up, my family had a beagle named Taco. He played a big part in my childhood, we were inseparable, and I absolutely loved him. I would look forward to getting home every day from school, because I knew that he would be there waiting for me at the door. On most evenings, I would go with one of my parents to take him for a walk and he would always be by my feet when I went to sleep. These little moments of affection marked and brightened my days.

I still have many pictures of Taco and I like to reflect on these moments when I am feeling sad. Remembering the presence that he had in my life as a child can be comforting. I have many photos of him, but I love the idea of having a painting made. Painted memories can convert any photo into a beautiful painting to honor my dog’s memory.

Our pets are integral members of our families. We love them, they love us. For years they are always present in our lives. We play and take care of them; they are the cause of many happy moments. This painting would convey the lasting impact he has had on our lives. It would also be a great way to do justice to our memory of him. A memory that can be cherished forever.

By Isabelle Boiteau